is a company, focused to create the elements which are required to make your site as like as you dream in turms of look and interactiveness. In this occession Joomla is our primary choice as it is a complete, robust and most powerful CMS. Therefore, along with a exclusive client support we are regularly supplying,

Premium & Free Joomla Templates & Extensions.

Who we are?

The VERTEXTHEMES refers to the craftsmen, work for its awesome products and services. Our company mainly located in a beautiful place in Dhaka Bangladesh. But, the individuals who are contributing to its vission and all the bjectives are from all over the world, yet the core team distributed in Bangladesh and in Malaysia. Despite of our distrubuted cells we are quite united in dream, design, production and services.

What we aim for?

Design means three things to us, WOW factor, Feature reach usability & self descriptive data flow & interactivity... We are working for next level design and ultimate user satisfaction.

What are we Doing?

Right at the moment we are more focused on developing new templates considering your alternative options and choice. Round the clock we are working to enhance our collection of templates in order to cover most of the industry, so that, you can get all at one place. To make it sure, beside the template development our team is equally active to produce useful Joomla Extensions.

You are going to get a New Joomla. Now only that, soon we are starting to supply the HTML Templates as well. Even steping on WORDPRESS is not so far...